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Turn your ideas into apps with this user-friendly No-Code App Builder and design a slick, feature-rich iOS or Android Ecommerce Store.

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Making App-Building Unchallenging for Startups

StoreOne makes the app-building process a breeze for everyone, especially for startups. You can build and launch an easy-to-use, native Android or iOS app for your customers without writing a single line of code and at incredibly reduced costs. 

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Your Hassle in Search of Developers is Over!

Application programming in traditional ways is expensive, including custom builds and the time it takes professionals to hammer them out. So, StoreOne offers a no-code app-building Platform for your Ecommerce business.


Monetize & Grow Your App

With a few taps, you are able to monetize and audit sales using our no-code app maker, Storeone. Control Calculations, Finances, and Marketing with the app. In the Sales Funnel, you can view detailed analytics.


Create, Launch,
& Earn

This ingenious no-code mobile app builder for iOS and Android has all the essentials that you need for making an engaging online store app and offers complete design freedom! Create your app without knowing how to code; launch it today and grow your revenue. 


Features You will Have from StoreOne App

Easy to use

Build your app easily in a matter of minutes.

Payment Methods

PayPal, Stripe, Credit Cards and many more.

Online Store App Builder

An easy to use and no-code builder for iOS and Android.


We’re the best at handling deployments.

Unleash your Creativity; Make Customized Ecommerce App

Let your inventive ideas and creativity run wild! StoreOne allows you to customize your online store app freely.


What’s More, We Make HAPPY Customers

Numerous satisfied customers and multiple successful case studies prove our commitment to our clients.

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Hannah Schmitt

Business Architect

Superb crew to work with! It was ever ready to assist. I look forward to my app getting published.


Kim Lewis

Expert Logistics

This app is jam-packed with a lotta brilliant features. And their team - It was really helpful and kind.


Helena Aniston

Lead Designer

So an easy-to-use app! I was extremely happy with the flexibility that provided me.


Moiz Khaleeji


Had a wonderful experience with Not to mention the crew is super-friendly.


Ashley Shaw

Consultancy Provider

It was our first experience with, which was fantastic. I’d surely recommend it!

Our Pricing

Enterprise services and standard pricings. Best pricing and ROI.


$99 per month

  • Android

  • WooCommerce Backend

  • Free Hosting

  • Google Playstore Listing

  • Unlimited Products

  • Unlimited Orders

  • COD, PayPal, Stripe, Telr, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Free Trial

$199 per month

  • Android &   iOS

  • WooCommerce Backend

  • Free Hosting

  • Google & Apple Store Listing

  • Google Analytics

  • Push notifications

  • Unlimited Products

  • Unlimited Orders

  • COD, PayPal, Stripe, Telr, Apple Pay, Google Pay

  • Customer Support

  • Monthly maintenance

Free Trial


  • Android &   iOS

  • WooCommerce / Magento / Shopify Backend

  • Facebook Pixel

  • All Features Included In Standard Package

  • Technical Support

  • Monthly maintenance

  • Custom Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

A platform or a tool that eliminates the need for a developer, as it doesn’t require coding, and enables non-technical users to build a website on their own is called a No-Code App builder. is an enterprise solution for small and large ecommerce businesses that enables them to create and publish their eCommerce store native mobile applications in some clicks.
The cost of an Ecommerce App depends on the developer's experience, location, and app complexity. However, a basic app will cost from $2000 to $30000, an average complexity app will cost between $50000+, whereas a more complex app’s cost goes beyond $75000+. is a SaaS platform and manages all the implemetations, improvements and deployments. If you are going with standard subscriptions then we don't provide you the source code. You will have admin access of your playstore and appstore apps.
If you want to purchase source code then send us an email at
To create an app on StoreOne App Builder, first, get registered by signing up. Then, customize your app’s appearance, sync your app with your WooCommerce store, and manage your app’s settings. Next, test and preview it, download the AppMySite demo mobile app, and finally publish it to the App Store or Google Play Store.
The app you created using StoreOne App Builder can be tested in the Preview option. This option lets you check and confirm that your app is equipped with all the basic functionality.
StoreOne App Builder helps small businesses succeed by offering them full customization so that they can build an app that perfectly fits their small business needs. Moreover, the app is easy to use and doesn’t require coding or any need for a developer, saving time and money.