Our Cookie Policy

Your privacy is important to us at Storeone.app, so we ensure a secure, personalized online experience for you. On our website, we may use cookies and other technologies to enhance your experience.

What are cookies?

Cookies refer to the text files with small pieces of information (such as username or password) that a website shows when you visit it. They help websites remember information about and keep track of a user’s visits, activities, and settings, making their online experience seamless. By using cookies, you can return to the site more easily and get more out of it.

How do we use cookies?

Our company uses Cookies for a variety of the following purposes:

Essential Cookies

To allow our users to access and enjoy our website features, we use Essential cookies. They are important for our website’s proper functioning and for tasks like logging into an account, adding products to cart, and payments processing.

Performance and Analytics Cookies

To collect data on how visitors behave on our website, we use Performance and Analytics cookies. They help us enhance our site’s performance by recording page visits, time spent by user on our site, page speed, bounce rates, and site errors.

Personalization Cookies

To personalize our users’ browsing experience, we use Personalization cookies. They remember our user preset features and preferences, such as language and currency, helping us offer them a highly personalized experience on our website.

Advertising Cookies

To deliver targeted advertisements according to our user browsing behavior and interests, we use Advertising cookies. They help us gather user information, use it to build a profile of their interests, and then display them relevant ads.

Managing cookies

Accepting or declining cookies is your choice. Generally, any web browsers accept cookies automatically, though you may opt to decline them if you wish by changing your browser settings. However, please be aware, deactivating cookies may impact the website’s performance and functionality.

As you use Storeone, you agree to the use of cookies as mentioned in this policy. To learn how we gather, utilize, and safeguard your personal information, we suggest you to read our Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

Please email us at support@storeone.app, if you have any queries or worries regarding how we use cookies.